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Contact me by emailing me at


If you have any issues at all with any of my downloads or products, please let me know as soon as possible

We use Stripe, as an alternative to Paypal (having had too many issues with Paypal in the past). As far as I understand from doing test runs, when you make a purchase Stripe will hang on to your purchased amount for a few days, and during those few days I can very easily refund you directly, simply by going into my Stripe account and pressing a refund button.

After those few days I can still refund you but it becomes much more complicated. So if you have any issues with any downloads or purchases, please do contact me, and the sooner the better!

However please note that I don’t give refunds on successful downloads (for example if you change your mind. There simply isn’t any way to do this that is fair to me as well as you). Once you have downloaded something, you have possession of it and it can’t be returned, so please choose downloads carefully!


To commission an illustration, or ask me about the feasibility of a prospective illustration, please email me at

I will email back to discuss it, and if you think you still want to go ahead, I will send you a quote or an estimate.

I am very happy to discuss ideas with no expectation that you will proceed with them!


Commissioned Fish Icons usually cost AUD$25 each, with the following stipulations:

  1. Completed commissions may be added into the database (or used by me in any other way).
  2. You must be able to email me reference photos that clearly show the colouration and life-stage you prefer. This is to avoid any confusion or wasted time, since many species vary between regions, or change as they mature, and individuals can often also change colour/pattern, etc.

If you are not able to provide photographs for a particular species, it will cost more (as I will need to hunt down and verify potential reference photos with you), and the final picture may not have the colouration you expect!

Links to photographs are sometimes acceptable, however please note that sending me links or Google searches leading to a variety of different life-phases of a species is not generally an adequate substitute for a selection of deliberately chosen pictures, as it doesn’t tell me which one you want! It also tends to add extra hours to my time, which then makes the illustrations much less cheap.

If you have any questions, or to commission Fish Icon images, please email me at:



The Fish Icons have been designed specifically to be used to help present data from research, so they are explicitly intended to be available for scientific publications and for republishing. This makes their conditions of use a bit convoluted, but an outline of the conditions is as follows:

The purchase of a Fish Icon entitles you to use it for any not-for-profit purpose, as many times as you wish. These images are intended for fish researchers, and so, specifically, your purchased Fish Icon images may be used in any not-for-profit publication or scientific paper in which you are named as an author. This includes where you are joint author or one of multiple authors.

Your paper containing the images (or a significant extract of your paper) may then be published commercially within any scientific journal, including online journals. For example, JEMBE, Journal of Fish Biology, Marine Biology, Fishery Bulletin, Fisheries Research, PLoS, Ecology, Nature, New Scientist, etc.

However the Fish Icon images are not intended to also be available for any commercial publisher or author to reproduce in whatever manner or venture they like, so please also note the following specific limitations:

Since this is a website I need to keep the conditions of use fairly limited, as above. If you do want to use the images in any way other than as part of a research paper, please contact me to discuss!


For copyright reasons I need you to be logged in to download Fish Icon images, so that I have a clear record of your rights to use each image.

I realise this is an inconvenience, so I have kept registration to an absolute minimum, and all you need to supply is an email and password. As you can see, no other contact or personal details are required (you can add these to your My Account page later if you wish).

However this site was set up in response to a need for authors to have access to purpose-built images that would not potentially entangle them in murky copyright issues. So in order to clearly state your right to use the images, I would recommend that you add an “Author Name” to your account – this should be the name you usually publish under (more). This helps to circumvent any disputes over whether or not someone is licensed to use an image, as it can just be matched to the authorship of the publication in question without any need to contact you. If you publish under different names, you are welcome to make a note of this in the 'Notes' section of the 'My Details' page.

Please note that the purpose of my Fish Icon images is to give you a peace-of-mind solution, so I don’t intend to trawl the publications looking for semi-imagined breaches of copyright! However I am a one-person outfit with a very small and specialised clientele, so please help me keep going by doing the right thing and not sharing your purchased download with people who are not legally entitled to use it.


Author Name is your name as most published under, or that most readily identifies you in a publication. For example if you have changed your name but still publish under your birth name, then put your birth name here. If it is more complicated than that, you are welcome to list all names in your "My Account". I only need your name so that I can see that your publications aren't copyright infringements.


To allow you to conveniently review the general terms of use, once you have downloaded an image, your account will contain a statement along the following lines:

…(Your Author Name)… is entitled to use the Fish Icon images listed below, with the following stipulations:

(This above applies to Fish Icon images only. All images remain copyright © of Juliet Corley)."


I collect minimal data from you, to keep a record of who has the rights to use which images. The purpose of this is in your interests and is twofold:

For the purposes of linking you to each image you have the rightful use of, you may wish to also add your “Author Name” to your account. I will also collect details of each image you have downloaded, and the date purchased. If you wish to disclose other information that will strengthen the link, you may voluntarily do so, and I will keep a record of this information as well (for example if you have a common name that could be confused with others, you might want to send me other verifying information that singles you out, such as the organisation you work for, or your specific field of study).

Although you must provide your email in order to download images, I will not use it to send you unsolicited marketing emails or other nuisance correspondence. In general I will not use it except to identify you as a rightful user of an image, respond to your enquiries, or to contact you about existing work you have commissioned. In other words I will use your email only for reasonable communication with you, and not as a marketing tool!



Unfortunately I need you to be logged in to download colouring PDFs. Since I hate being forced to register with sites myself, I have kept registration to an absolute minimum and you only need to provide an email address and a password. The upside of registering is that if you delete a colouring PDF, you can just log on and download it again, without cost, from your account.


Your account will contain standardised information about Fish Icons, for the use of fish researchers. If you haven’t bought any Fish Icons, please ignore it!

Your account will also contain a record of all your downloads. If you accidentally delete a colouring PDF, you can just log on and download it again, without cost, from your account.


You probably realise this, but everything on my website is utterly and absolutely my copyright! Please be aware that any PDFs that you download are still my copyright, even if you have purchased them. This applies to the Free PDF downloads too. This means that it is illegal to email them to other people, copy them to other people, post them online, share them in any way or use them to make other products.

Put simply, if you share the PDFs in any form where they can still be used as a colouring picture, to be coloured in, then this is a breach of copyright. If you use your coloured-in pictures to decorate something that you then put up for sale, I will also regard this as a breach of my copyright, unless you have negotiated a personal written agreement with me beforehand to be allowed to do so.

If you do want to use my pictures in this way, please contact me.

With regard to sharing: printing an extra set of pages for a friend to colour with you is not going to upset me, as I do want you to get enjoyment out of my pages! But emailing your PDFs to other people is not ok. I have tried to keep the colouring PDFs inexpensive and give a range of options, including free downloads. So please do the right thing by me.

Finished, coloured-in pictures, however, that are genuinely a testament to your own time and skill, are a whole different scenario. Once you have coloured them in for your own enjoyment, you are very welcome to post your pictures online to show your work!

And if you would like to help me out (which I would be very happy about ), please credit me when you post it!

I also have a Facebook page where people can post their coloured pictures, and I love to see what people have done with my pictures, so please do use it, or just tag my “Colouring Pages” if you put them on your own page, so that I get to see them!


I am very open to royalty agreements, which are perfect for home businesses and speculative products, as you would only pay a percentage on items when you actually make sales – you don’t need to pay anything up front.


I am a marine biologist and illustrator currently living in Australia.

I've both lived and worked in some beautiful and remote places and consequently I’m interested in the visual communication of science and marine management to people with no scientific background and to non-English speaking communities in developing countries, particularly within the Coral Triangle.

My primary interest is in furthering conservation and sustainable management by grass-roots education. Difficult concepts can be made easier with the right visual aids, such as explaining the statistical requirements of research methodology, and the need for reliable data collection.