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Tropical Reef Fish Postcards (GBR)

(Set of Eight Postcards)


A series of beautifully illustrated postcards featuring tropical fish, printed on matte white card, and reproduced from fine-detail watercolour and gouache paintings. Each image contains a short paragraph of information about the depicted species.

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Fishes of Papua New Guinea and the Solomons

Waterproof fish identification guide for divers and snorkellers - single plastic card, with wristloop


This guide has over 70 species of fish and can be taken into the sea with you. Each fish image on the guide is reproduced from a carefully detailed painting which shows the fish in its most common colours and natural swimming pose.

I chose to paint every fish in full, to create a high quality guide and avoid the issues with flash and distorted colours and poses that come with photography. They are printed for me by a local company.

Since each guide contains reproductions of so many paintings, each one is effectively a print of several works of art... so I have added my signature accordingly ☺